Wake up with the sun from your eco-luxe safari tent, peeking out to the largest fringing World Heritage-listed coral reef in the world just metres away… with the ancient Western Australian folklore-filled terrain behind you.


Explore our Sal Salis Ningaloo Reed Deluxe Camping deals.

The sand’s a welcoming warm, the native birds are in song, and the sun’s inviting golden tone blankets the ground.

This is Sal Salis Ningaloo Reef and it can be your luxury safari style tent home for the next few days… with the Cape Range National Park, kilometres of Indian Ocean and a thousand-star sky all to yourself. 

Here, time stretches and slows down. It’s an opportunity to disconnect from responsibilities and routines, to connect with nature, and most importantly, yourself.

The Sal Salis experience envelops you. It encourages a new way of being… intentional and exploratory. Of connecting to and living in sync with, the land. 

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Sal Salis  offers a huge variety of Luxurious Tents.

  • Wilderness Tents: Sal Salis’s 16 off-grid, luxury safari tents are as ‘glamping’ as it gets. These smartly equipped wilderness tents are a benchmark in eco-retreat experiences, camouflaged in this strikingly stark landscape. All, just 50 metres from the World Heritage-listed Ningaloo coral reef, in sync with Indian Ocean tides.
  • Honeymoon Tents: located a little way from the 15 wilderness tents is a secluded, intimate love nest. With its private beach access and romantic touches, the honeymoon tent is for newlyweds and couples celebrating their love. 
  • The Lodge:  is the head and heart of Sal Salis. It’s where we come together as a group to share meals, kick back and exchange stories. Time stretches here, unbound by responsibilities and places to be. Here, you have everything, and all the time, you need. 


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Choose to fill your days at Sal Salis however you like, from whale shark experiences, to kayaking, hiking and much more.

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Explore our Sal Salis Ningaloo Reef special offers and fill your days however you like.

Relax in your tent’s hammock with a book. Laze on the beach and let any worries float away.

Kayak, paddle board and snorkel just off your camp, with more than 500 species of colourful fish and 250 coral types.

Join the experience that’s made Ningaloo Reef famous worldwide – swimming with magnificent whale sharks and humpback whales. 

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