When the experts are all glowing about Kimberley Cruising Silverado Style, you know something great is about to happen. Well that buzz is real and it’s all about one boat called Silverado

“I would love to do a Silverado Kimberley cruise,” said expert Kevin Bailey, owner of BlueSun Travel and Kimberley Boat Cruises. “It just has the right vibe.”

And he of all people should know. He has been on one Kimberley boat over 100 times! 

Kevin was attending a staff party in Perth, WA on Silverado this 14 December, 2017 when he made these comments. Most guests agreed as they revelled in the thoughts of departing from Broome to see the best Kimberley sights.

The boat has just been revamped with new signage, cabin linen and better bedding configurations. She has definitely gone up a notch in quality. 

“Price-wise, Silverado is excellent value when compared to other Kimberley vessels,” Kevin said.  “Throw in other bonuses that Kimberley Boat Cruises has to offer and you have an unbeatable winner.”

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