COVID-19 Policy and Awareness

All guests impacted by Government-imposed travel restrictions will be offered Future Holiday Credit

  • Credit is equal to the full amount paid for the booking
  • Credit is valid for travel on any cruise with Diversity II or Diversity III up until the end of 2024
  • Credit can be transferred to another person, however it is not redeemable for cash

Diversity Charters has:

  • Implemented COVID-19 hygiene protocols and practices, including undertaking thorough cleaning, providing sanitizer products and physical distancing for staff and guests as much as possible.
  • Gained WA Health approval to cruise in WA waters.
  • Retained Tourism Council Western Australia Quality Tourism Accreditation.

All staff are certified in COVID-19 Hygiene training.

Diversity Charters remain committed to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy work environment for all employees, guests and contractors.

Terms & Conditions

To view the complete Terms & Conditions for MV Diversity III Kimberley cruises, click here.

Pre- & post-cruise travel assistance

BlueSun Travel works with every hotel in the Kimberley, including Broome, Darwin and Kununurra. We have wholesale arrangements with many properties and we are a TAAP agent for Expedia. This means we have the best and least restrictive booking conditions, including cancellation policies. 

Please note, hotel accommodation is hard to secure. Do not leave this until the last minute.

Call 1300 799 758 for further advice. 

Since COVID-19, the airline world has changed a lot. However, there are good flight options from all major cities in Australia.

We largely advise our clients to check with Webjet for the best and most convenient times and dates to fly. This will give you all Qantas, Virgin and Jetstar options. 

As a final piece of advice, do not try to cut your flight times too close to your cruise times. If there is an aircraft delay, we cannot parachute you on and off the vessel! 

Yes. All transfers are provided between your accommodation and the vessel. Expeditions departing or arriving in Wyndham include transfers to and from Kununurra to the vessel. Selected cruises include a light aircraft transfer and a helicopter flight over the Mitchell Falls and luggage weight restrictions do apply.

For other independent travel movements in Broome, note the following:

Broome does not have Uber, so you are best advised to arrange a taxi or bus transfer before you arrive. Some hotels do arrange bus transfers at an extra cost and bookings are required in advance.

Broome Private Taxis - 0412 768 468

Chinatown Taxis - 08 9192 3316

Mike Windle Luxury Taxis - 0419 966 783

Flights to Kununurra (KNX) are provided by Air North. There is normally one flight per day. 

  • Broome (BME) to Kununurra (KNX) takes 1 hour and 25 minutes.
  • Darwin (BME) to Kununurra (KNX) takes about 1 hour and 2 minutes.

It is advisable that you stay 1 night in Kununurra (either before or after your cruise) because of the flight schedules. We will provide the transfer for free between Wyndham and Kununurra, or the reverse.

Departure/Arrival Times

We endeavour to depart Broome at approximately 2pm to have you up and ready for your first Kimberley adventure the following morning. It is encouraged to spend the time, while we steam up the coast, winding down, chilling out, get to know your fellow adventurers and crew and enjoy the scenery from the foredeck.

Upon our return to Broome, we arrive at the mooring at approximately 7am where you can enjoy your last MV Diversity II breakfast and then sadly pack your bag for your transfer to your nominated “terra firma” location.

Deposit & final payment requirements

A completed booking form, terms and conditions and a non refundable deposit of 20% is required within 7 days of booking to confirm your reservation.

Final payment will be due 90 days prior to departure.

Per the vessel's terms and conditions, all payments are non-refundable.

All guests impacted by Government-imposed travel restrictions will be offered Future Holiday Credit*

  • Credit is equal to the full amount paid for the booking
  • Credit is valid for travel on any cruise with Diversity Charters up until the end of 2024
  • Credit can be transferred to another person, however it is not redeemable for cash
  • The original cruise price will be honoured for travel up to 2024

For more information, please call our office on 1300 799 758

Solo Travellers

Accommodation is based on twin share occupancy.  At the moment, there are no solo occupancy fares. 

Children & Kids

Our cruises are not generally suitable for children due to the nature of our expeditions and we don't recommend children under 14 years of age. Please contact our office for advice.

General cruise questions

Whilst the crystal blue waters may look tempting, we are in croc country, so diving and snorkelling is only offered on our Perth Charters, Albrohlos Islands and Rowley Shore Cruises. 

There will be many opportunities to explore the coastline and swim in a number of fresh water holes along the way.

A washing machine and dryer are located downstairs.  A laundry bag will be provided in each cabin should you wish to wash your clothing.  Please ask one of your crew members and they would be happy to assist.

Yes,we have hairdryers. 

Our cruises cater for all adult ages and all levels of fitness. 

Excursions are operated throughout the day with some treks being more difficult than others. Our knowledgeable and friendly crew will advise you prior to the excursion on the difficulty of the treks and are always on hand for guidance and assistance.

You can do as much or as little as you like!

Your cabin will be serviced daily.

Smoking is permitted on the mid decks only. No smoking anywhere inside the vessel and that includes the toilet on the back mid deck. Disposal of ash and butts must be in the butt buckets supplied and we ask that all smokers be considerate of their fellow passengers and crew.

What to wear and bring

Please click here to review our recommended 'Packing List' .

All linen, towels, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, sunscreen, Aerogard and hair dryers are supplied on-board but you may wish to bring your own with you.

You will need a pair of enclosed shoes that offer good ankle support for bushwalking. We also recommend you bring another pair of shoes that you do not mind getting wet as we regularly have wet landings. This includes; reef sandals, booties or equivalent. Shoes can be worn on board.

Any personal items, hygiene or medications must be bought with you.

We provide shampoo, conditioner and body wash however, if desired you can bring your own.

Sun protection and insect repellent is also available on-board, however you may also bring your own.

Each cabin is fitted with a 240v, 50Hz, Australian socket. It is a double power point suitable for recharging the ever important camera batteries, using hair-dryers (you will need to bring your own), laptops and even sleep apnea machines.


No. We will provide you with a bath and hand towel plus a beach towel will be available at each water excursion.



Unfortunately we do not allow for clients to bring their Drones on-board. We have have they disrupt local Birdlife, can be noisy and permits are needed to fly them in the Kimberley.

Food and drink

All meals and snacks are provided while aboard the vessel. Our chef will prepare your meals from local fresh produce where available. Trust us you will not go hungry!

In this day and age, there are a large number of dietary requirements and Diversity is happy to fulfill those requests/needs where possible. It is important to advise us of your special dietary needs on the initial booking form supplied and then we will confirm with you 30 days prior to departure . Our chef will also be aware of your requests/needs.

We are not licensed to sell alcohol however we will provide information on purchasing locally and your order will be waiting for you – chilled of course – (labelled with your name) when you board Diversity on departure day. When ordering don’t forget you will be on holidays and there is no local bottle-shop along the Kimberley coast while cruising so don’t leave yourself short.

We provide complimentary soft drinks and mixtures – these consist of Coke, Diet Coke, Fanta/Sunkist, Lemonade, Solo/Lemon, Dry Ginger Ale, Soda Water and Tonic Water. Where you wish another variety please add to your alcohol order or bring it with you on departure day.

All water on board is desalinated and safe to drink.

In line with our responsible and sustainable tourism practices, all guests are provided with a water bottle upon boarding the vessel which can be re-filled from the main water tap located in the kitchen.  We produce our own water on board the Kimberley Pearl, but as this is one of our most precious commodities, we ask all guests to be mindful of their water use.

Weather & Cyclones

If the departure of a cruise is delayed or if the cruise itinerary is shortened for any other reason, Kimberley Quest may refund part of the fare on a pro rata basis to allow for lost time. If the cruise is delayed for operational reasons, Kimberley Quest may refund the paid fare. The passenger accepts that Kimberley Quest has the right to change the itinerary, the vessel, or cancel the cruise as a result of some unexpected event or prevailing weather conditions and the passenger accepts that he or she may not be entitled to any compensation or refund of the fare paid should this occur. It should be noted that cruise departure/arrival times are approximate and can vary due to tides, weather etc. Please keep this in mind when booking any flights in or out.

The majority of our cruises operate in the "Dry Season", which occurs during the months of April through to September. Average daytime temperatures during this time are between 18-35 degrees Celsius. You can expect clear blue skies, light easterly winds and cooler evenings.

Our "Wet Season" begins in October, finishing at the end of March. The humidity is higher during the wet, with higher daytime temperatures and warm balmy evenings. This period encompasses spectacular thunderstorm activity, torrential waterfalls, lush green landscapes and magnificent sunsets.

Mosquitoes & sand flies

Mosquitoes and sand flies are found throughout the Kimberley due to our tropical climate. How prominent they are varies depending on the time of the year. Guests' susceptibility to these insects also varies. We believe prevention is the best option available and provide insect repellent on board. Long-sleeved clothing is also recommended during early morning and early evening.

Sea sickness

Only a short period of the cruise is in open sea therefore for the majority of the cruise you will find the conditions generally fine.

We do recommend that passengers who have a history of travel sickness or are concerned to bring their own sea sickness medication as a precaution. By law we are unable to distribute sea sickness medication therefore we can only offer ginger tea which is a useful remedy at keeping it at bay.

Weight restrictions

When packing for your Kimberley cruise we recommend that all passengers pack lightly and into one soft luggage bag.

Guests joining us on a cruise itinerary with a light aircraft transfer will be limited to a 8kg per person luggage allowance, as weight restrictions apply.

Caravans & 4WD

Unfortunately all of our storage is based in Perth and we are unable to provide this service, we recommend you contact our friendly Broome Visitor Centre on 08 9192 2200 for options.

If your cruise departs from Wyndham please contact the Kununurra Visitor Centre on: (08) 9168 1177.


We supply free use of good quality rods, reels and tackle. You are welcome to bring your own if you so wish. Any rod or reel lost or damage must be paid for to either be replaced or repaired by the person who was using the rod and/or reel.

The isolated waters of the Kimberley are teeming with fish and the crew on-board know the best spots to catch them!

All fishing is performed from our custom built excursion tenders and includes a variety of fishing options from pelagic fishing in the outer islands to casting for the ultimate saltwater barramundi in the estuarine creeks, inlets and numerous river systems.

High quality fishing equipment is available for all passengers to use. We ask that if you lose any fishing gear you replace it. For the keen fisher person there is the possibility of bringing your own fishing gear, if you would prefer this option please contact our office prior to your cruise.

Our policy is catch and release, only keeping enough for the dinner table.

From pelagic fishing you will have the opportunity to catch mackerel, giant trevally, queen fish as well as other small game species.

Fish that you are likely to catch in the river systems, creeks and estuaries include mangrove jack, finger mark bream, threadfin salmon and the prized barramundi.

Depending on what cruise you are booked on for, we recommend contacting the office at your earliest convenience to see if this is possible.

Selected cruises include a transfer by light aircraft which limits you to a 8kg limit therefore prior arrangement is compulsory.

If you lose or break our fishing equipment we ask that you replace it. If you have any queries please speak to a crew member.

Travel Insurance

Kimberley cruises are adventure cruises in remote parts of the Northwest of Australia. All passengers are required to take out comprehensive travel insurance prior to their journey. We particularly encourage you to be covered for 'cancellation' and 'medical evacuation' just in case. 

At BlueSun Travel we do have a few recommended insurance providers. If you have further questions, call our office on 1300 799 758.

Our guests safety, health and well-being is paramount while you entrust us to show you the Kimberley. In saying that we recommend you take out comprehensive Travel Cover including emergency evacuation (due to the remote locations we visit – only other access is helicopter or sea plane where applicable). While we do not recommend any one travel insurance company, we suggest you clarify with the insurance company/broker that evacuation for medical reasons is included.

Please bring your own medication on-board including any travel sickness medication and or paracetamol.

Please note that clients must bear the cost of any emergency medical or rescue services summoned at the discretion of the Master of the vessel in relation to any illness or injury.

Please ensure that you take out travel insurance adequate to the eventuality prior to boarding.


Diversity has two satellite phones available for your family to contact you or vice versa. Charges start at $1.00 per text message (limited characters apply) and $3 per minute for voice calls. All voice calls are charge at a full minute and are rounded up. See your Skipper for further details.

Extra costs

Yes. Please be advised that the following items are not included in the cruise costs.

  • Use of satellite phone, facsimile and internet
  • Traditional Owner Visitor Pass fees (see seperate section on Visitor Pass Fees)

Airfares and pre- / post- accommodation are not included in the cruise cost however, we are happy to assist you with your pre- and post- cruise arrangements

Payments made by an Australian credit card will incur a surcharge. All international credit cards will incur a 2.9% surcharge.

Visitor Pass Fees

 During your cruise you will visit many places of cultural significance. Regional Aboriginal Corporations and family groups are introducing visitor permits to access these sites. In addition to your cruise cost, Traditional Owner Visitor Pass fees will be charged.

Diversity Charters is a are registered Uunguu Tour Operator with Wunambal Gaambera Aboriginal Corporation permitting them to operate within the Uunguu Coast locations.