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10 Nights - Adelaide to Adelaide

This itinerary is an indication of the destinations we visit and activities on offer. Throughout the expedition, we may make changes to the itinerary as necessary to maximise your expeditionary experience. Allowances may be made for seasonal variations, weather, tidal conditions and any other event that may affect the operation of the vessel.


Board Coral Adventurer at 4:00pm and depart Adelaide at 5:00 pm, en route to Kangaroo Island. Settle into your cabin before the Captain’s Welcome Drinks at sunset.


Today we arrive at Yorke Peninsula’s Troubridge Island, where we will swim, kayak and stroll along the white sandy beaches.

Troubridge Island is part of Troubridge Shoals which extend across to York Peninsula and constitutes a hazard to shipping. Troubridge Shoals has been the cause of over 33 wrecks and groundings.  The islands Conservation Park is an important breeding area for birds and is home to a large colony of little penguins, black-faced cormorants, and crested terns – an ideal environment for bird enthusiasts.

Visit the site of an operating lighthouse from 1856 until 2002 – the second lighthouse to be built in South Australia. Despite earthquake, fire and constant erosion of this island that continually moves and reshapes itself, the Troubridge Island Lighthouse has survived this far. As the erosion continues to eat towards the foundations of the tower, it is very much under threat.


Antechamber Bay, located on the north coast of the Dudley Peninsula, is one of Kangaroo Island’s finest coastal havens.  We will visit the Creek Bay Homestead and learn about the early settlement here.

At the other end of the bay, Cape Willoughby juts into the ‘Backstairs Passage’ – the narrow strait between Kangaroo Island and the Fleurieu Peninsula that was named by Matthew Flinders as the ‘private entrance’ to the two gulfs.  Lighting this 14km wide strait is the Cape Willoughby Light Station. We may spend time hiking the bold rocky headland to the Lighthouse, circled by crashing waves, and also tour the Lighthouse Keeper’s cottage.

> Antechamber Bay Walk – 4.2km one way
> Cape Willoughby Light Station Heritage hike (1 hour, 1.9km – moderate hike)


Today, land at isolated Western River Cove to visit the beautiful historic homestead, and observe the effects of the recent bushfires and subsequent recovery. There may be an opportunity to meet the homestead owners and hear their stories. A walk along the ridge reveals spectacular views of the valley, and the beach offers excellent swimming. Weather permitting, visit beautiful Kangaroo Beach. Later, cruise past the sea cliffs at Cape Borda for wonderful views.


On the east coast of the Eyre Peninsula, the Jussieu Peninsula juts into Spencer Gulf. Protected as the Lincoln National Park, this region is covered in windswept eucalypt and she-oak forests and is home to many bird species, including the rare western whipbird. Rocky headlands, battered by the waves, give way to wide pure-white beaches.

Here, we will enjoy walks to coastal lookouts. Stroll through dense bushland and emerge atop the cliffs to enjoy spectacular views of the Southern Ocean and the islands scattered throughout the Spencer Gulf.

Later, enjoy an Xplorer cruise to Shag Cove.


Bordered by sea and National Parks, Coffin Bay is a stunning destination. The pristine waters of the bays in this area are home to numerous pods of dolphins, sea lions, seals and many seabirds. Emus and kangaroos roam and the natural beauty of turquoise sea, white sand dunes, and bright blue sky is a wonderful backdrop to our day’s adventures.

Here we will hike through the Coffin Bay National Park to get an understanding of the forests and environment – enjoy interpretation of the heathlands, mallee forest and she-oak woodlands. Discover the tranquil bays, protected from the might of the Southern Ocean, and snorkel or kayak with the chance to spot some of the marine life.

There is also the opportunity to enjoy an unforgettable wild cuisine experience – hop into some waterproof waders and take a seat the Saltwater Pavilion to shuck and taste your own delicious Coffin Bay Oysters.


Located around 35kms from the Eyre Peninsula Coast, Flinders Island has a long history of sealing, whaling, and farming. Owned by the Woolford family since 1979, they run an established sheep farm, abalone harvesting business and are working to establish a Safe Haven for vulnerable native species. Meet the Woolford family to learn about the history and conservation projects on the island.

Visit the Kapara shipwreck at Bryant’s Bay, and stroll through the shearing sheds at the farm. Taste fresh abalone and other local seafood at Eyrewoolf Abalone.


At Tumby Bay, visit the most southern mangrove in Australia in pristine location, home to a huge variety of birdlife such as Osprey, Sea Eagles , Black Swan , Blue Crane, Cape Barren Geese and many more.


Head to Reevesby Island, part of the Sir Joseph Banks Group; an archipelago on the eastern coast of the Eyre Peninsula. Accessible only by boat, this island is one of the largest of the group. Women played a major role in the island’s history, especially in the early days leading up to the Great Depression. Take a hike around this important seabird breeding site and visit the homestead and machinery sheds. This beautiful chain of islands offers a range of sheltered bays, golden sand beaches and reefs teeming with marine life.

A headland at the most northerly part of the Jussieu Peninsula on the east coast of Eyre Peninsula, Cape Donington is a great spot to enjoy refreshing sea views and rocky coastline. Take a dip at Cape Donington Beach before heading along the 2km trail over to September Beach. Keep an eye out for western grey kangaroos, emus or goannas near the Cape Donington lighthouse, or head out to the rocks in the hope of seeing some long-nosed fur seals or Australian sea lions.

> Walk Donington Beach to September Beach – 2km, 1hour return< > Donington Loop Walk – 6.2km, 2hour return
> Stamford Hill Hike (Hard/ One of the Great South Australia short walks) Steep 2km – 1hour return
> Stamford Loop Hike (Hard) – 6km -2hour return


Visit Wedge Island, located within the island group known as the Gambier Islands. With history connected to WWII, this island was used as a radar station by the RAAF and was one of the top-secret radar stations in South Australia. There are remains of an RAAF village from 1944-45 here.

Another highlight of Wedge Island is the unique Australian fauna – try to spot some rare and endangered Bettong, Fairy Penguins, Rock Wallabies, Emus, Wombats, and a large variety of bird species. Wedge Island boasts rugged landscapes and pristine beaches and is renowned for its wonderful marine life and known for one of the best fishing spots in Australia.

To end the day, we cruise by Althorpe Island Lighthouse after dinner, one of a group of lighthouses that represented the inter-colonial agreement by the State in 1873, which sought the necessity of lighthouses.


This morning we arrive into Adelaide at 7:30am for an 8:30am disembarkation.

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