Day 1 – Broome

Your crew will welcome you aboard your luxury vessel around 5:00pm with drinks and canapés, before you settle in for a delicious dinner as we cruise towards the Rowley Shoals. You’ll then have all night to familiarise yourself with the boat and your fellow passengers, as well as to settle into your cabin.


Day 2 – Clerk Reef

After arriving at Clerk Reef at approximately 8:00am, we’ll make our way through the narrow channel to anchor inside the lagoon. Here we’ll embark on our first dive of the trip, allowing you to familiarise yourself with the equipment and the new environment, which you’ll find full of colourful coral, small caves and a multitude of tropical fish species.

The second dive for the day will be a drift dive through the channel to Clerk Reef, after which we’ll have lunch inside the lagoon. There’s a great opportunity here to enjoy some snorkelling before we head off for an afternoon drift along the edge of the atoll, at which point you can throw a line in to possibly catch a sailfish or two. With light permitting, we’ll end the day with another snorkelling expedition before enjoying a sumptuous evening meal.


Day 3 – The Western Wall & Tiger Alley

We’ll set off to dive the Western Wall, a coral-encrusted wall with a steep drop and a rubbly bottom where you can explore cracks and caves dotted with shells and tropical fish. Back on the boat you’ll enjoy a cooked breakfast while we cruise to the next dive site that’s populated with pelagic fish and larger sharks. After we’ve explored the area, we’ll sit down on deck for a delicious lunch.

In the afternoon we’ll cruise around to dive ‘Tiger Alley’, where it’s common to see tuna, mackerel, sharks and large cod. Out of the water, we’ll spend sunset on a sandy beach watching the rare red-tailed tropical birds that nest on Bedwell Island. Weather permitting, we can have a barbeque, play a game of cricket or set off on a night dive around the anchorage area.


Day 4 – The Crevasse, V in the Wall & The Cod Hole

Our first dive of the day will be at ‘The Crevasse’, before sitting down to a cooked breakfast en route to Mermaid Reef. We’ll then dive at both ‘V in the Wall’ – a large V-shaped bommie jutting out of the reef edge – as well as ‘The Cod Hole’. As the name suggests, three big potato cod live here and they like to get up close and personal. The boat will then head in at sunset to anchor up for the evening, at which time we can go skurfing, snorkelling or take off on a night dive to the outer wall. As Mermaid Reef is a National Marine Reserve, there is no fishing permitted here.


Day 5 – The Wall, The Caves & The Ne

Today we set off for the most spectacular dive site of the Rowley Shoals, known simply as ‘The Wall’. This is a drift dive through a reef with a sheer vertical wall that plunges down 110 metres. Large sharks can be spotted here, including the rare greater hammerhead. Before lunch we’ll dive down to ‘The Caves’, a great area for finding sleeping turtles and unusual shells.

In the afternoon we’ll visit ‘The Net’, our most challenging dive site. You’ll swim through an intricate web of reef, bommies, overhanging caves and cracks. This dive goes as far down as 40 metres, with stunning coral formations and tropical fish species to be found in abundance. The last dive of the trip will be at twilight, before we pack up and cruise back to Broome.


Day 6 – Broome

We’ll arrive back in Broome to disembark at 8am, where we can organise a taxi to transfer you to the airport or to your accommodation.