Embedded in the northwest of Australia is a jewel that was sculpted and shaped over billions of years. That jewel is the Kimberley coast. And the amazing thing is that very few people have actually seen the Kimberley coastline, let alone touched it or set foot on it.

The Kimberley was named after John Wodehouse, the first Earl of Kimberley. It is a vast tract of unblemished land stretching more than 423,000 square kilometres. It is barely reachable, unless you cruise by boat, but that journey  is worth every penny when you get to see first hand the wonders that the Kimberley coast has to offer.

The Kimberley is like no other place on Earth. The boating memories you create here are guaranteed to last a lifetime. There is so much to see and do.

Every day on your Kimberley boat cruise, we bring you something special on the water, something personal, and something very different to take home. And guess what, all of this is yours to enjoy at your own pace.

Kimberley Boat Cruises invites you to join our family and explore our boat cruise world. We want you to experience what we experience every day – and that is a Kimberley coast boat cruise experience. This is truly a once in a lifetime adventure.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance, including emergency evacuation, is compulsory for all of our passengers travelling on our Kimberley Coast expeditions. We also strongly recommended that you also cover yourself for travel cancellation to ensure you will be covered financially if you are forced to cancel your voyage due to circumstances beyond your control.

Special Notice :  Special Notice:  Since the release of the 2019 Kimberley program, the Traditional Owners of the Kimberley and their representatives have advised that a  permit/fee for guests accessing traditional lands when cruising the Kimberley region will be imposed for 2019 and beyond. A visitor pass for the Kimberley during the 2019 season has been set at $105 per person.

Please note: Medicare or private health cover does not cover you for emergency evacuation. Without travel insurance, emergency evacuation costs can be in excess of $20,000.

We can assist you in purchasing the correct type of travel insurance from our provider, SureSave Insurance. Please contact our Expedition Experts for your personalised quote.


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