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Lower Deck

There are six very roomy Ocean Class cabins (approx. 12 metres square) on the True North that are situated on the Lower Deck. All these modern cabins have single beds, en suite facilities, ample storage and porthole windows.

* Six of the Ocean Class cabins are located on the Lower Deck.
* Two Ocean Class cabins are located on the Main Deck above (one of which – the “Camden Harbour” – has the only single bunk beds on the boat).
You still get your own en suite bathroom, satellite phone, in-room movie viewing entertainment, and two porthole windows. They may not be as grand as the Explorer Class cabins, but they are an affordable option that is still classy, comfortable and a great way to enjoy your Kimberley adventure.

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Ocean View

Main Deck

A choice of six River Class cabins await you on the Main Deck and are similar to the Explorer Class cabins in that they have the King Size double bed and twin basin en suite.

There are six River Class Cabins on the Main Deck all of which provide roughly the same amazing space as the Explorer cabins above. They too have comfy King sized double beds (convertible into two singles), a lovely modern and airy feel as well as the in-room benefits of movies, satellite phone and en suite bathrooms (twin basin).

Each River Class cabin is named after one of the beautiful Kimberley rivers you might enjoy: the Prince Regent River, Mitchell River, Berkeley River, Drysdale River, Hunter River, and the King George River.

River Class cabins also come with two large viewing windows, so don’t worry, you won’t miss a thing during the day or a star at night! Towels and amenities are the same for call cabins.

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River Class

Ocean View

River Class


Explorer Class cabins are the best that the boat has to offer, all four of which are located on the Upper Deck and come with King Size double beds, en suite bathrooms and large panoramic windows.

True to its pursuit of adventure, the four best cabins on the boat are named after great Kimberley explorers: Bradshaw, Dampier, Durack and Parker King. All the Explorer Cabins have pride of place on the Upper Deck.

Each Explorer Class Cabin is 15 square metres offering very comfortable King sized double beds that can be converted into two singles, if need be. From bolster and throw cushions, Kimberley artwork, to a writing desk, satellite phone, in-cabin entertainment and complimentary mini-bar, they are fabulously well appointed and immensely comfortable.

All four Explorer class cabins have en suite bathrooms with twin basins.

Every cabin comes with guest, face and hand towels; L’Occitane shampoo, conditioner and body cream; a small hairdryer. A small stool can also be provided in the shower if requested.
Clothing storage is ample and the three panoramic windows huge and amazing.

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Explorer Class

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