WYNDHAM PLAINS lie in the northern most part of the Kimberley. It is the oldest and northernmost town in the Kimberley region of Western Australia, located on the Great Northern Highway, 3,224 kilometres (2,003 mi) northeast of Perth. It was established in 1885 as a result of a gold rush at Halls Creek, and it is now a port and service centre for the east Kimberley with a population of 800. She is split into two areas. The original town site of the Port is situated on Cambridge Gulf, while her Three Mile area is the residential and shopping area of the town. This town is also part of the Shire of Wyndham-East Kimberley.

It is located at the west arm of Cambridge Gulf, an inlet of Joseph Bonaparte Gulf of the Timor Sea. It is surrounded by the Durack, Pentecost and King rivers to the south, Forrest River to the west and Ord River to the north. Much of the land around Wyndham is inhospitable, and includes the jagged hills of the Bastion Range and the mudflats of the Cambridge Gulf.


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