We all want to boast about landing the “big one” and this is where you are all likely to make that dream come true. Here in the deepest waters of the Kimberley we target the fabled barramundi, so get ready, men and women both, to experience some unbeatable fishing action. 

No adventure cruise would be complete without fishing the Kimberley and having a go. The thrill and excitement is all part of the Kimberley experience, and who can beat that special photo moment?

All of our skippers and crew have their secret spots, and most of our boats offer you the chance to catch something somewhere on your journey.

For guests who are gung-ho for adventure, this is your chance to land a trophy fish. Pelagic fishing off the outer islands gives you the chance to catch a mighty giant Trevally, Queen Fish, Mackerel, or other small game species.

Once you are on the river systems and cruising the creeks and estuaries, look out for the Mangrove Jack, Finger Mark Bream, Threadfin Salmon, and of course, that prized Barramundi. Who knows, you might enjoy a fantastic feed later.

Fishing excursions are generally conducted from purpose-built tenders with all gear provided by the vessel. Keen fishermen are more than welcome to bring their own gear, but remember, weight restrictions may apply if your cruise involves transfer flights via helicopter or light plane.

Some of our Kimberley cruises are specifically designed for keen fishermen, so please feel free to call our office for more information. For more information, speak to our experts on 1300 799 758.