Discover the magic of the Coral Expeditions Xplorer Excursion Vessel. Explore pristine waters, remote islands, and stunning coral reefs.


The Coral Expeditions Xplorer Excursion Vessel is unique to this cruise line and the envy of many other ships cruising the Kimberley coast.

All the Coral Expedition ships come equipped with a fleet of these excursion tender vessels, thus making it easy to travel to shore and disembark. The excursion tender ‘Xplorer’ vessels ensure that all guests can travel to shore or explore hidden bays and inlets safely and comfortably.

Designed with flexibility and guest comfort in mind, there are also inflatable Zodiacs and glass bottom boats.


During your expedition cruise you will have the daily opportunity to participate in at least two included shore excursions or activities, along with onboard briefings and presentations. For many of our shore excursions, we use our trademark Xplorer tender. Xplorer is very easy to board directly from the deck, and provides comfortable padded seating. On-board, a microphone and speakers assist our guides in sharing their expert commentary, a canopy over head protects us from the sun, and there is a toilet for remote convenience.

Aboard Coral Adventurer and Coral Geographer, the twin Xplorers can be boarded directly from the ship’s Coral Deck, before the hydraulic platform gently lowers into the water, making it easily accessible for all guests. The twin Xplorers are equipped with 2x twin 225 Horse Power Engines and can reach up to 20 knots in speed.

Aboard Coral Discoverer, guests board Xplorer directly from the ship’s main deck, before the hydraulic platform gently lowers into the water, making it easily accessible for all 72 guests. Xplorer is equipped with 2x twin 225 Horse Power Engines and can reach up to 20 knots in speed.

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Inflatable Zodiacs provide another exciting and flexible option for shore excursions and navigating narrow inlets and waterways. Take a ride on a Zodiac to explore vibrant islands up close as you soak in the panoramic views. Our zodiacs are also used by the crew to meet with local officials and when planning shore excursions and activities. Coral Discoverer carries three zodiacs, while Coral Adventurer and Coral Geographer each carry six.

Each ship carries a fleet of one or two-person kayaks which allows closer exploration of coastlines, atolls and inlets. Not to mention, you get a great upper body work-out while being immersed in natural beauty. A peaceful and low-impact way to explore out-of-the-way places, we take our kayaks to the Great Barrier Reef, Tasmania, Papua New Guinea, Raja Ampat and the Spice Islands, Indonesia, and the Indian Ocean.

Aboard Coral Discoverer only, the glass bottom boat is equipped with magnified glass panels, allowing guests to see reef and marine life up close. The “Glassy” can hold up to 10 guests at one time along with our Marine Biologist. Boarding of the glass bottom boat is safe and easy – simply step aboard before the boat is lowered into the water by hydraulic lift, ensuring there is no need to clamber aboard or get your feet wet.

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