Explore our most recommended accommodation options while staying in Derby!


Find a variety of Accommodation choices for your visit to Derby while taking a tour in Kimberley. A pleasant and enjoyable stay is guaranteed with the selection of hotels, bed & breakfasts, self-catering units, and other lodging options featured on our Stay page.

You'll find the ideal location to fit your interests and budget, whether you're searching for opulent hotels with first-rate services, quaint bed & breakfasts with a personal touch, or roomy self-catering flats for extra convenience.

After a day of exploring Derby's bustling neighbourhoods and its rich history and culture, return to your cosy accommodation to relax. Easily arrange your visit to Derby and create enduring experiences in this quaint city.

The Accommodation in Derby options can be found by clicking on the images below:

  • Dumbara Burru 
  • Kimberley Entrance Caravan Park
  • King Sound Resort
  • Birdwood Downs
  • Boab Inn
  • Mud Crab Motel
  • West Kimberley Lodge
  • Spinifex Hotel
  • Derby Lodge

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