Kimberley Explorer cruises are truely unique beach camping adventures that take you into the heart of the Kimberley.  They are a a reflection of their name and the embodiment of exploration.

Kimberley Explorer was designed for adventure by one of the original pioneers and guru of the Kimberley coast, Greg Prouse.

Drawing upon 25 years of Kimberley experience, Greg has designed the perfect journey for those who still have a spark in their lives and are looking beyond the standard cruise option. What he gives you is the ultimate marriage of coastal cruising and beach camping, allowing you to relive his pioneering spirit, going way deeper into the northwest wilderness than few have gone before.


Kimberley Explorer can do all of this as she carries long-range fuel tanks and can cruise at 20 knots. Better still, she has a full-length keel and an amazingly shallow draught, allowing her to be literally “parked” on the sand when the tide goes out.

Catering for up to 12 guests, the Kimberley Explorer’s trips are unique because of her camping component.  As some would say, “one star accommodation under a million stars,” yet all filled with amazing views and often, great humour.

The vessel stores 1000 litres of water onboard and uses desalination.  Solar panels and deep cycle batteries provide sufficient clean power, although an onboard 240 volt inverter is used for charging items like camera batteries and small appliances. Kimberley Explorer also has a fully functioning kitchen including fridge/freezers, gas stove with hot plates and griller, microwave oven and deck side BBQ.

If you really want a living, breathing taste of the Kimberley coast, it is pretty hard to beat the Kimberley Explorer for its local knowledge and passion for adventure. So be prepared for one of the most rewarding experiences you’ll ever have and join us for now.


Campsites are built on beautiful secluded beaches every night. Guests are provided with swags, tables and chairs, and even the deckhand will put up your mozzie dome and light your campfire. Vital necessities are not left out like “his and her” showers (including hot water) and toilets.

The whole Kimberley is your ‘cabin’ when you’re camping on the beach and witnessing the twinkling stars in their full glory and nightscape dance. After all this is one of the reasons why so many people come on a Kimberley Explorer cruise. They want to be at one with nature, simple, unhurried, all senses attuned to the quiet. They want to be hands on whilst they still have that sparkle in their limbs.

Weather and tide permitting, accommodation is predominantly at designated beach campsites along the coast and Kimberley Explorer provides most of the hard work, including all meals, fishing gear, setting up your bedding, tents, mosquito nets and campfires. Of course, you can do as much or as little as you like on that front, but try to keep all luggage to a minimum of 10kg and use soft, waterproof bags. Travelers do have the option for secluded beaches and roaring fires or rolling out their swag on the outdoor bunks or the vessel. Either way, you’re going to sleep under the stars each night!

If you want any help planning your cruise, speak to one of our amazing cruise consultants  on  1300 799 758 or 08 9494 1883 or email us with your questions.