CROATIA CRUISE & ORIENT EXPRESS We are famed for our PONANT KIMBERLEY CRUISES but as of 2018, we will be expanding our cruise offers with deals like the Croatia Cruise & Orient Express package.  This will be on Ponant’s amazing 5-star cruise ship LE LYRIAL. Imagine how amazing it woul Read more


BEST HOLIDAY ESCAPES TO ASIA BlueSun Travel is famous for being one of the top cruise agencies in Australia, but did you also know that we sell the Best Holiday Escapes to Asia and beyond? This is because of our extraordinary relationships with the top travel suppliers. “BlueSun Travel works w Read more


KIMBERLEY CRUISING SILVERADO STYLE When the experts are all glowing about Kimberley Cruising Silverado Style, you know something great is about to happen. Well that buzz is real and it’s all about one boat called Silverado.  “I would love to do a Silverado Kimberley cruise,” said Read more